Privacy Policy

Nowadays a variety of security threats can arise at any moment. These threats pose risks not only for the technology we use, but also for our employees. Therefore, we want everyone included in our working process to be extremely sensitive about security.


Information Security

Every day we work with a great deal of confidential information ranging from personal information documents to the documentation of unannounced new product and services and confidential corporate files. Obviously, having such information and documents fall into wrong hands is unacceptable. So we take the matter of information security very seriously.


File Transfers

We do file transfers using our secure client pages. You send us your files directly from your client page on our website. Likewise, our translators send translations from their pages on our website. We keep abreast of developments in information security to optimize our ability to protect the information and documents entrusted to us.


Our Personal Confidentiality Agreement

The most important issue in information security is how people handle the information they come across. We constantly inform and train our employees and freelance translators about the protection of customer information security. We also continuously update our security procedures. All of Kalite Tercume’s employees and translators agree and undertake to comply with the conditions and rules stated in the personal confidentiality agreement. Kalite Tercume knows how important it is to protect personal information and follows the laws that concern personal information and its protection.


Personal Information

The Definition of Personal Information

Personal information includes name, age, gender, address, e-mail address, phone number, birth date, educational background, occupation and all other information that identifies a person. 


Collecting Personal Information 

Personal information is not collected without permission. Personal information can only be collected of the person’s own accord.

The practical uses of personal information;

  • Increasing service and productivity
  • Choosing translators for projects undertaken
  • Management of assets and debts
  • Making payments
  • Management of tax and insurance obligations
  • Sharing translator CVs with clients
  • Using information in the agreements made with translators or clients
  • Sending information and warnings
  • Searching and evaluating business data 
  • Responding to research and investigations
  • Management of cancellation procedures
  • Fulfilling legal obligations
  • Facilitating punctual and accurate services for clients and translators


Disclosing Personal Information

Personal information is not disclosed to any third party without the permission of the relevant person. However, personal information may be disclosed or shared when required by law.


Management of Personal Information

Our information obtained is kept in secure locations. All necessary precautions are taken against the destruction, modification or leaking of the information.


Changing Personal Information

If you would like to change your personal information, please contact us.


Changing Privacy Information

The content of the privacy policy can be changed if required, so please check for the most updated version when using this website. 



For your questions or comments about personal information and security, please contact us at: info[at]

How System Works?

All documents and translations are stored on our own servers. You can access your data anytime, anywhere, and by mobile devices.

Non-Stop Service

You can reach us easily 24/7. We establish efficient, fast and productive communications between your firm’s project managers and our own.

Professional Translators

Our team includes 500+ translators with business and translation experience in their own areas of expertise to match their linguistic proficiency, and they all have post-graduate educations.