Quality Policy

We did not choose our business name on a whim. Our name, Kalite Tercume, means 'quality translation' in Turkish, and it indicates our commitment to excellence in translation and best practices in every phase of the project cycle from proposal to completion. Our translations are subject to a range of rigorous quality control tests. This process means that quality is always assured before the text is delivered to the client.

Our clients know that not only they can reduce their risks by working with a translation service that meets international quality standards, but we can also reduce both delivery times and costs due to the efficiency of our work process. 

There are two important factors affecting translation quality: one is the linguistic ability of the translator, the other is the quality and quantity of quality control processes. Our standard translation cycle has three phases: translation, editing and proofreading. Each phase is carried out by leading translation experts.


Quality Control

  • Internal assessment by well-qualified translators
  • A team specialized in the field of text (project manager, translator, editor, proofreader)
  • Coordination with offices in the client’s own country 
  • Assessment of style and terminological preferences 
  • Editing and proofreading according to style guides and check lists
  • Proper use of terminology databases and translation memories 
  • Final revision
  • Our translators are native speakers of the target language 

Our priority is to deliver excellent and accurate translations of localized products to our clients. Our quality control team pays special attention to the assessment and validation of our products. Word by word, the entire text of our translations is always reviewed comprehensively to ensure that it looks good and will fulfill its purpose. 

A successful translation relays the source text’s meaning clearly and fluently and contains neither misspellings nor grammatical errors. By choosing Kalite Tercume, you can know for sure that the translation will be done properly because we work with the best translators in Turkey and in the world, and we use comprehensive quality control procedures to verify the accuracy of every word. 


Translation Technology 

Translation support tools are commonly used in our projects. We use all the CAT tools, particularly Trados and Wordfast. These computer-aided translation tools save translated sentences and their source segments in a database called translation memory. When the translation of similar text is required, these CAT tools furnish previous translations from the database, so the text will be consistent from beginning to end.

These translation memories are private to our clients, and they are subject to the same security procedures as all other materials. 

We also use terminology databases to ensure translation quality. Furthermore, we constantly improve translation accuracy and consistency since our translation support tools can easily be connected to the terminology database.


Qualified Translators​

We work with the translators who are graduates of Turkey’s leading universities and other professional translators who are specialists in their fields of study. All of our translators have certificates approved by national or international institutions.

After a rigorous selection process, our translators regularly receive quality control feedback and evaluations that help them develop their skills. Their communication skills, reliability, and flexibility are also monitored. 

Kalite Tercume regularly organizes training sessions for our translators. These training sessions not only expose them to the latest developments in their fields, but also keep them up to date on innovations in translation and CAT tools. 


Certification and Accreditation of Translators

Our translators and editors either are accredited by or are members of the following professional associations: 

  • American Translators Association
  • International Federation of Translators
  • Globalization and Localization Association
  • Institute of Translation and Interpreting
  • European Society for Translation Studies
  • United States Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators
  • Société Française des Traducteurs
  • German Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters
  • German Translators Association
  • National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters


Assessment from Our Clients

We appreciate the importance of building good relationships with our clients’ translation reviewers. Our aim is to ensure that our clients’ project managers have as few difficulties as possible when they work with us. Since we are based in Turkey, we can easily contact with the local offices of foreign companies who are investing in Turkey to inform them about a translation’s evaluation process and linguistic issues.

Even if your firm does not employ a translation reviewer, you can be sure of the quality of our translation thanks to the well-established quality control process at Kalite Tercume. 

How System Works?

All documents and translations are stored on our own servers. You can access your data anytime, anywhere, and by mobile devices.

Non-Stop Service

You can reach us easily 24/7. We establish efficient, fast and productive communications between your firm’s project managers and our own.

Professional Translators

Our team includes 500+ translators with business and translation experience in their own areas of expertise to match their linguistic proficiency, and they all have post-graduate educations.