Brand Name Analysis

Why are brand names important?

The brand name of a product to be launched either directly to foreign markets or globally by means of the internet is very important. This process includes some specific risks. You want to be sure that the brand name of your product will have an affirmative association in the target countries. So you need to know that this name is appropriate for target markets characterized by a variety of languages and cultures. Brand name analysis should be part of your market research and your marketing strategy.

Even simple English words used as a brand name or catch-phrase in other markets may cause unfortunate consequences. They may have a different meaning in other languages. The pronunciation of a word or a name can trigger a completely different perception in another language. It may even be ridiculed somewhere in another country. High quality products to be launched in foreign markets require that perceptions about the brand name of the product be investigated at the initial stage of brand naming. After a product is launched in the market, you may need to pay an arm and a leg to change its brand name. Do not take this risk. A short investigation will quickly eliminate possible problems and allow you to look to the future with confidence because your brand will have been transformed into a positively valued sign in other cultures.


Why is naming difficult?

Naming is one of the most difficult phases of branding. Like successfully selling your product in a wide market, finding a name for a product is both a complex and important process because:

  • Everyone has an idea about the name in line with their point of view, and people tend to believe that the name they propose is the best.
  • It has become very difficult to obtain URLs with .com or .org domain extensions for many names.
  • Since the names will be used together with the brand slogan, the complexity increases.
  • When the brand name and the slogan use an identical word or words, it is even more difficult.
  • Primary brand name and secondary brand names need to be compatible.
  • Different words evoke different meanings for different persons.
  • If the brand becomes a global brand, the meaning of the brand name in target countries and languages should be taken into consideration.
  • Sometimes the abbreviation of a name may evoke something undesirable.
  • It is hard to phrase complex concepts in a few words.
  • The names cannot be previously registered trademarks.


Who is our brand name analysis team?

For about 15 years we have performed analyses that asses the compatibility of brand names with Turkish and Turkish culture. Our brand name analysts are linguists whose native language is Turkish. They are highly skilled linguistically both in the source language and Turkish. Our analysts are not only native speakers of the target language, but are also specially trained in this field. They hold at least a master's degree. They are experienced in marketing, and they know brand names and significance of brand name analysis in detail.


What are the stages of brand name analysis?

We research and assess the compatibility of your brand or product names and their effects in the cultures of other countries. Each syllable of candidate names is scrutinized for their positive and negative connotations. We prepare a detailed and confidential report as a result of these analyses. In this report we include issues such as evoked positive and negative factors, cultural associations, an exact translation of the brand name and the ease or difficulty of its pronunciation. A summary in the results of the investigation is issued along with an analysis that explains the viability of this brand name in the target market. The objective of such a report is to guide you through the brand name selection process during the development stage of an international brand name.

These are the issues we consider in our analyses:

  • Is this brand name being used in the target market at the present? In which sector is it used?
  • Is there any similarity between the brand name and other companies, products or services?
  • Which businesses in which sectors use similar names?
  • What is the exact translation of the brand name and its similarity to other words in the target language.
  • What kind of images does it evoke?
  • Does it have any negative or aggressive cultural overtones?
  • Does the brand name resemble any slang words or idioms in the target language?
  • Can the brand name be pronounced easily?
  • Is the brand name memorable?

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