Desktop Publishing

Our work process includes project management, translation, editing, typesetting and proofreading phases and allows you to focus on your customers. We use all standard desktop publishing applications and we are experienced in graphic design. 

Our specialist team uses these desktop publishing and graphic design applications: 

  • Adobe® FrameMaker®
  • Adobe® Photoshop®
  • Adobe® Illustrator®
  • Adobe® InDesign®
  • Adobe® Acrobat®
  • Enfocus PitStop
  • QuarkXPress®
  • CorelDRAW®
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel,PowerPoint)
  • Adobe PageMaker
  • Macromedia FreeHand
  • Macromedia Fireworks
  • Adobe ImageReady

We also use single-source publishing applications such as RoboHelp & WebWorks and content management systems such as Author-it, Arbortext and Microsoft SharePoint.

We use desktop publishing software when you require a more attractive page layout or you wish to include images in the text. Kalite Tercume can format and typeset of all kinds of complex materials.

We performs these desktop publishing services:

  • Preparation of texts for translation from any kind of desktop publishing application or format
  • Preparation of the content for translation if the source file is not editable 
  • Design and application of single-sourcing solutions
  • Matching the page layout of the target text with that of the source text 
  • Quality control for desktop publishing
  • Converting files to PDF or other formats for online or printed publication
  • Production of desktop publishing and publication guidelines specific to the target language
  • Preparation of templates and document designs for online or printed PDF outputs

Proofreading is the final phase of the translation process. This final review guarantees that the localized material is completely error-free. Our completed translation texts in all language pairs are ready for publishing after they are checked against the source text. Our linguists check the text’s punctuation, title and subtitle usage and its consistency in terminology and wording for errors that may have been missed. 

A simple layout or spelling error may dramatically affect a client’s brand or product recognition, regardless of the otherwise high quality of the translation. This is particularly true for marketing and advertising materials. 

Outputs from desktop publishing directly affect the utilization and approval of that product by public authorities. For example, incorrect numerical data contained in financial materials or dosages of medicines may have severe consequences. This indicates that the revisions performed during and after desktop publishing are steps that should not be neglected. 


How System Works?

All documents and translations are stored on our own servers. You can access your data anytime, anywhere, and by mobile devices.

Non-Stop Service

You can reach us easily 24/7. We establish efficient, fast and productive communications between your firm’s project managers and our own.

Professional Translators

Our team includes 500+ translators with business and translation experience in their own areas of expertise to match their linguistic proficiency, and they all have post-graduate educations.