Project Management

Project management is the process of acquiring source texts and preparing them for translation, scheduling appropriate turnaround times, choosing translators, following up on projects, assuring positive outcomes and responding to feedback from our clients and translators. 

Our professional full-time project managers are the sole contact point between our clients and our translators for all the language pairs for which we offer translation services. For each project, they ensure that the client’s needs are met by monitoring the workflow process from the time the project is proposed until its successful completion. 

Our project managers are goal-oriented and focus on customer service. They are skilled in human relations and experienced coordinators of the processes that transpire between clients and translators. 

Our work order management system enables us to complete high volume and multilingual projects efficiently.


Primary Responsibilities: 

  • Performing end-to-end project management in a rapidly growing sector
  • Being a contact point for clients, their project managers, and our team, which includes translators, editors, a quality assurance team, and engineers who assess, organize, follow, manage, and complete complex translation projects within a specific period and budget
  • Creating client accounts and choosing appropriate translator teams for each customer
  • Organizing and monitoring the assignment schedule of translators and editors by using workflow and project management tools special for personnel
  • Preparing project status reports for the head project manager and clients 
  • Performing quality control inspections of translation projects daily to maintain excellence in translation quality
  • Resolving problems that arise with translation technology, translation quality and scheduling 
  • Promptly meeting clients’ needs and responding to their feedback 
  • Preparing the internal documentation needed for project completion and business development
  • Evaluating and approving payment invoices for freelance translators 
  • Supporting projects by being included in translation process when necessary

How System Works?

All documents and translations are stored on our own servers. You can access your data anytime, anywhere, and by mobile devices.

Non-Stop Service

You can reach us easily 24/7. We establish efficient, fast and productive communications between your firm’s project managers and our own.

Professional Translators

Our team includes 500+ translators with business and translation experience in their own areas of expertise to match their linguistic proficiency, and they all have post-graduate educations.