Kalite Tercume is a leading translation office offering linguistic solutions for the following industries. In order to meet the requirements unique to each sector effectively, we have organized teams in our employee pool of 1000+ translators. Our translators understand our clients’ priorities and they adapt themselves to our clients’ preferences.

Industries we translate for:

Aeronautics and space  Consumer products Fashion Manufacturing industry Pharmacy
Advertising Construction Food Market and Opinion Research Production
Agricultural machinery Cosmetics Genetics Marketing Real estate
Agriculture Defense industry Health Media and entertainment Robot
Architecture Dental technology Information technologies Medical Security
Automotive Digital technologies Infrastructure systems Medical instrumentation Social sciences
Banking E-trade Insurance Metallurgy Software
Biotechnology Education Internet Metallurji Sports
Casting Electronics Journalism Mining Stock market
Chemicals Energy Law Natural gas Telecommunication
Clinical trials Environment technologies Life sciences Office machines Textiles
Communications Film Logistics Paper industry Tourism
Computers Finance Machine tools Petrol Web Design


How System Works?

All documents and translations are stored on our own servers. You can access your data anytime, anywhere, and by mobile devices.

Non-Stop Service

You can reach us easily 24/7. We establish efficient, fast and productive communications between your firm’s project managers and our own.

Professional Translators

Our team includes 500+ translators with business and translation experience in their own areas of expertise to match their linguistic proficiency, and they all have post-graduate educations.