Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment to the corporate world played a particular role in the elaboration our company’s culture and management. Since we provide translation services to the international business community, we believe that acting responsibly and fairly is a top priority for a conscious corporation.

Kalite Tercume defines corporate social responsibility as actions that positively affect our clients, employees, suppliers and our society. We have adopted and support high standards of corporate social responsibility. We are aware that corporate social responsibility programs will improve our image and add value to our society.

We know that our business success depends on the development and implementation of basic policies concerning human relations, the environment, and hiring.

Here are the issues we see as relevant to our corporate responsibility:

  • Responsible work in line with our code of conduct 
  • Making investments to provide the most beneficial environment for our staff
  • Reducing our environmental footprints
  • Doing business with our suppliers with fair and ethical margins
  • Focusing on human relations
  • Investing in our society

Kalite Tercume takes responsibility for its affects on social relations, the economy and the environment. 


Environmental Awareness

Most people take social and environmental factors into consideration when they are deciding where to work, where to shop, what to buy and which products and services they can recommend to others.

We believe it is an economic imperative for corporations to participate in efforts to protect and decontaminate the environment by taking heed of people’s expectations, and we perceive this as an opportunity to create good relationships between the business world and society as a whole.

Our environmental policy dictates that we consciously take actions to minimize our environmental impact and use resources carefully without squandering them.

We have committed ourselves to meet the requirements of future generations without prejudicing the rights of our age. For the last decade we have been investing in technologies that reduce waste and minimize paper consumption, and we also recycle.  

Our e-invoicing services protect the environment by eliminating tons of paper use. 

We turn off our lights, computers and electronic devices whenever possible in order to prevent energy waste.

Thanks to cutting edge technologies the heating and cooling systems in the offices of Kalite Tercume use less electricity.  

Kalite Tercume employs 500 linguists who work at home, which corresponds to a fairly large reduction of fuel consumption and exhaust gas emissions. 

We seek out opportunities to leave an uncontaminated and habitable world to future generations while developing the sustainability and productivity of our company. 


Social Solidarity

Kalite Tercume either plays an active role in or contributes to social programs and various non-profit organizations.

We participate in and actively support local and global humanitarian aid organizations such as Beşir, Semerkand, LÖSEV (a foundation for children with leukemia), Turkey’s Spinal Cord Paralytics Association, Darülaceze (a public shelter), Darüşşafaka (a High School for Orphans).

At Kalite Tercume we participate in blood donation programs with our staff every three months as part of our conscious corporate citizenship. 


Human Relations

Our values structure the relationships between our staff, clients, suppliers and others in order to have a positive impact on society.

We treat our staff fairly. We value and respect the ideas and recommendations of our staff and encourage them to actively participate in our business’s development. The consequent rise in their motivation causes them to feel deeper loyalty to Kalite Tercume. 

We provide training and self-development opportunities in cooperation with partner educational institutions.

Our high quality translation services help our clients succeed by overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers. We do our best to express high ethical values in our relations with our clients, and we are especially motivated when they share the same values as us. 



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