Terminology Management

Terminology is a primary concern for a translation office. The effective management of terminology is the most essential factor for the quality and consistency of the ultimate output. Consistent terminology management provides cost and time efficiency by preventing the repetition of work, reducing quality assurance steps and additional assessment cycles, and shortening the duration of the localization process.

The content generated by companies is growing incrementally, and the need to reuse available translations for different purposes is increasing. Today, thanks to CAT tools and technologies such as Content Management Systems (CMS), only the newly developed parts of the extensive documents are sent for translation, and the translation for other parts of the documents can be viewed with an archived database. This makes using accurate terminology and ensuring the consistency between newly developed parts and old content even more important to the quality of the translation.

Inconsistent use of terminology can make it difficult for customers to use the product. This applies to all content, from the interfaces of software products to marketing content or training materials. For instance, inconsistencies between the software’s user interface and help documentation complicate its use and reduces productivity. Users will start to question the quality of the product, and they will probably be unable to use the product. Their need for support will increase accordingly.

The corporate language of businesses differ due to their specific industries and their use of terminology. Even companies that produce identical products may use a different terminology and style to define its features. We have developed a common process for terminology management and can adapt it to reflect your terminological and stylistic choices.

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