1. How long does it take to complete a translation?

It is not possible to generalize about the duration of translations because every project is different and there are many influencing factors, such as the text’s length, the difficulty and complexity of the content, formatting, desktop publishing, delivery method. These factors determine the duration the translation process.

However, the simplest way to determine the time needed for a translation is to send us the file via email. Our project managers will review your project and make you an offer. If it is urgent, please notify us when you request your translation.

2. Can you deliver high volume projects quickly?

We can do high volume translations quickly by creating project teams of translators with technical knowledge in the field of the project based on the subject of the project. We do this work online using Trados Groupshare to ensure terminological and stylistic consistency. This tool enables the project’s team of translators to consult the entire translation and the terminology used at a moment’s notice.