1. How do you determine the price of translations?

The cost of a translation project depends upon the type of the source material (website, personal correspondence, official handbooks, medical documents, etc.), the length of the text, certification, delivery time and the source and target languages of your project. For example, a Word document with a general content and a brochure involving a variety of graphics will be priced differently. Also, for the language pairs most in demand we have an extensive translator network, which means that unit prices are relatively low.

We base our price quotes on the number of the words in the source file. We do not use the number of pages to determine prices. We have a minimum fixed price for low volume projects of less than 300 words.

The best way to find out the cost of your translation project is to send us an e-mail since every project is different and exceptional situations may be the case for the relevant project.

2. How do you determine the price of your services other than written translation?

Desktop publishing, interpreting or other services are mostly priced per hour. We have a minimum price for short projects of less than an hour.

3. How do I get a price quote before ordering a translation?

To receive a request for quotation, send an e-mail to info@kalitetercume.com.tr with your contact information (phone number, e-mail address, postal address, company details, etc.), the file in question and the target language, or you can fax your document to the fax number +90 324 327 15 11 with the same information.

4. What does the Price Quote (PQ) include?

Files are reviewed and analyzed when price quotes and deadlines for the translation and localization of the source material are requested. The report or price quote include:

  • Cost breakdown
  • Delivery time information
  • Resources to be used (translator, editor, localization engineers, desktop publishing, quality assurance experts, etc.)
  • Matters to be discussed