Computer-Assisted Translation

1. Do you use the machine translation software?

No. Kalite Tercume works only with the high-qualified, professional translators. Kalite Tercume does not prefer machine translation in any projects. This is one of our principles that we pay special focus on to inform our translator candidates during the hiring process on that they should not use this method. However, it uses computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools that facilitates translation, when appropriate. Google Translate and similar tools may produce quite inaccurate translations no matter how improved they are. They can only provide a general idea about the subject of the text.

2. What is a CAT tool?

CAT (Computer Aided Translation or Computer Assisted Translation) tool is a technology that helps translators and speeds up the translation process. CAT tools are categorized as follows:

• Translation memory tools
• Terminology tools
• Software localization tools

3. What is the difference between translation memory (TM) and machine translation?

Translation memory (TM) is not the same as machine translation, and they should not be confused. In machine translation, a translation program does the translation. In translation memory systems, the program does not translate automatically. It merely stores the translated sentences in a database. Thus it provides translation knowledge to translators by making specific fuzzy matches with other similar projects. Translation memory also helps to provide internal consistency by showing previous similar expressions or sentences to the translators.