With our large staff of language professionals, we deliver projects all across the world every day. Apart from a translator, a standard project process involves an editor, quality controller and a project manager who manages all team members included in the process.

By choosing to work with a company like Kalite Tercume instead of an individual freelancer, you save time and energy by being able to strictly concentrate on your main field. on Kalite Tercume is always available and ready to serve its customers.

Kalite Tercume provides high-quality professional language support. Our translators and editors are held to expectations that meet are rigorous quality criteria, which include the following essential points.

Accurate and complete translation

Correct use of grammar, spelling and punctuation

Clear conveyance of the intended meaning

Continuous communication with the client

Adequate research of the study

Fluency of language

Proper use of terms

Assignment of projects to professionals experienced in their field

When Considering Our Prices…

It is a top priority for us to offer services that meet the quality expectations of authors. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you take these points into account when considering our offer and note the level and quality of service we will provide when comparing our prices with those of other companies. In comparing, be sure to get answers to the following questions:

Does the translation office or freelance service:

  • Work in such a way to minimize the need for correction and proofreading?
  • Meet the precise expectations of you and your company?
  • Develop a good working relationship with you?
  • Really understand the importance of language?

Kalite Tercume offers the highest quality service with the best prices on the market.


Why Do We Prefer Word Unit?

Price quotes for translation projects are market based and determined according to various units, such as fixed price, price per page and price per hour. However, these units are not applied in standard fashion across the industry and are inadvisable for several reasons. First of all, every source document is different and the number of the words per page can vary. Pages differ according to font and font size and structure of the page. Pricing per hour is also not suitable, as the translation speed and experience of each translator is different. The most suitable measure for transparency, fairness and budget allocation is the number of words or characters. For domestic clients we use character count, while for foreign clients we use word count.

Below are the factors that affect prices

The size of the project

Subject complexity

Language pair


Source file formatting

The language pair of the translation also determines pricing. European languages are relatively low-priced, whereas Asian languages are more expensive because of the complexity of the letter characters and the scarcity of translators in this field.

Our normal prices are for translation and proofreading services. We also provide proofreading for translations performed by other translation offices or freelancers. The price of proofreading is half the price of our normal translation fee.

Price quotes for desktop publishing are determined on the basis of the number of pages in the target file.

To get a quote, please send the files to be translated to info@kalitetercume.com.tr, or use the Price Quote Form.

Invoicing and Payment

Kalite Tercume requires payment to be made in accordance with the conditions determined specifically for each client within the scope of our individual or corporate agreement.

We accept payments by bank transfer from our domestic clients and by bank transfer, online credit card system, TransferWise and Payoneer from our foreign customers.

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