1. Should I come to your office to coordinate the translation project?

We do business by phone and by e-mail. However, it can be helpful to meet you for larger or complicated projects. We will do business in the way you prefer.

2. How can I send you the source files and how can I receive the translations?

We transfer files in the following ways:

1. You can send the source files to this e-mail address: info@kalitetercume.com.tr
2. You can fax the source files to the following number: +90 324 327 15 11.
3. You can send them by mail or by cargo.
4. You can deliver them by hand.
5. You can allow us to access your computer system to upload source files.

We can also deliver translated files to your website, by e-mail, by hand, by mail or by a delivery service at your request.

We prefer to receive the source files in digital format. However, we may also request the original files if there are illegible parts in the digital source files.