1. Which translators do we work with?

All translators and editors working in-house or as freelancers for Kalite Tercume are qualified language experts who have at least 5 years of experience in translation.

Unlike other translation offices, we do not use cost effective sources such as part-time workers or university students.

Our translators have gone through a very detailed elimination and evaluation process before beginning to work for Kalite Tercume.

2. How can you tell that a translator is good?

Translators mostly translate the texts into their native languages

(the number of translators who do dual translation is relatively low).

A good translator has a high-level mastery of grammar and syntax both in the source and the target languages.

A good translator can combine the meaning of the source text with the target language’s cultural and linguistic norms, and has enough experience to know which word to choose.

Good translators maintain and improve their linguistics skills by keeping up with the newspapers, journals and professional articles published in their languages.

Translation requires meticulous attention and setting a premium on details. Many people assume that a fluency in a pair of languages is enough to be a translator; however, this is not the case. If you feel like the text was written in the target language when you are reading a translation, then this translation was done by a qualified translator.

3. Are your translators sworn translators?

Yes. In addition, any translation provided by Kalite Tercume can be certified for any official purpose.