1. Do you provide certified translation services?

Yes, we can deliver the files as certified translation texts. Certified translations verifying that the translation is true and faithful are generally requested by official institutions and universities. We provide certified translations of birth certificates, extracts of vital record, marriage certificates, immigration application forms, diplomas, transcripts, enrolment in higher education institutions, marriage annulments and many other documents to our clients.

2. Can you do execute the certification process and how much does it cost?

Certification is performed either by a sworn translator or by a notary public. In other words, certified translation is performed using two methods: translation certified by a sworn translator and translation certified by a notary. In the first case, the translator makes an affidavit in regard that he/she has translated the document fully and truly to the best of his or her knowledge on a separate document or on the back of every translated page. This affidavit is free. In the second case, translation is certified by a notary. Notary certification is charged and its price is determined by the notary on a page number basis.

3. Is your certified translation valid in countries other than Turkey?

Yes, our certified translation is generally valid in countries other than Turkey. However, certified translations should also be certified by competent authorities, the consulate or embassy of the country. Certification requirements can vary by country.

4. If I translate on my own or use another translation service to do the translation, can you still carry out the certification process?

Certifying a document means confirming the content. Unfortunately, we cannot certify translations done by people other than the sworn translators at Kalite Tercume.