1. How can I determine the volume of the document?

If your document is a Microsoft Word file, then you can find it by using “Word Count” function in the left bottom of the screen or Word Tools menu. If it is in another format (printed text, HTML, PHP, ASP etc.), you can send us the file via e-mail or fax. Then we can determine the volume of the document and offer you a price quote.

2. What is desktop publishing?

Desktop publishing involves format editing and the localization of graphics using various software before transmitting the text, pictures, graphics and figures onto paper or to a digital platform.

We preserve the original design and format of documents as much as possible. We do translations by writing on the text of original document without changing the style or format of the source files.

3. Which computer systems and software do you support?

Kalite Tercume supports both PC and MAC platforms. We also support a broad range of operating systems and desktop publishing software. Please contact with us to discuss the details if you have technical questions about our capability to handle your projects.

You can contact us at info@kalitetercume.com.tr e-mail address with comments, suggestions and questions.